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Revenue Commissioner

Revenue Commissioner
Pam Taylor

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  The county revenue commissioner is charged with the lawful and equitable administration of the property tax as required by the state constitution and Title 40 of The Code of Alabama – 1975. The property tax is an example of an ad valorem tax in that the value of the item being taxed determines the amount of tax. In Randolph County motor vehicles, also subject to ad valorem tax, are assessed and taxed by the Tag and Title Department, a division of the Probate Judge’s Office.
The property tax, universally recognized and acknowledged as the local tax, represents a significant source of revenue or funding for necessary and desired public services in Randolph County.

Phone 256-357-4343

Mapping Dept.
Assessments Dept.
Appraisal Dept.
Collections Dept.

Pam Taylor
Revenue Commissioner
Po Box 310
Wedowee, AL 36278

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm

Titles, Tags, and Property Taxes

Tag& Property

Vicki Moore - Tag Clerk

Pam Taylor - Revenue Commissioner

Beck Wright - Chief Clerk  / Tag Clerk

Kenya Bonner - Tag Clerk
Property Appraisal Department

mapping & Apraisal

Robin Prestridge - Personal Property Clerk

David Brooks - Appraiser

Carol Poppam - Chief Appraiser

Nancy Overton - Mapper

Nancy Overton - Mapper