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Randolph County Probate Records

Probate Office Records

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 The duties of the Recording Office include the recording, and preserving of permanent documents, primarily real estate records.  Real Property instruments consist of deeds, mortgages, liens, judgments and anything pertaining to property in Randolph County.  Recorded documents are public record with the exception of military discharges.

Basic Recording Fees

First Page (includes certification, indexing,  page fee and mental health fee)


Each additional page


Extra Indexes or References

$1.00 each



Corporation Fees

Corporation (Profit)

$40.00 Sec. of State

$57.00 Probate Judge

Corporation (Non-Profit)

$20.00 Sec. of State

$22.00 Probate Judge

Corporation (LLC)

$40.00 Sec. of State

$42.00 Probate Judge




UCC-1 Financing Statement

First Two Pages


Each additional page after two


Each additional debtor after two


Cross index in real estate records


Termination Statements


Non-Standard Form Fee




Misc Fees

Copies (per page)


Certification Fees (per document)